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Who is Care Cab?

We've been operating for over a quarter of a century in Minnesota, providing non-emergency wheelchair and stretcher transportation. Our riders have special requirements that do not need life-support systems or medical attention while being transported.

We have a fleet of over 50 vans with state-of-the-art equipment like climate comfort controls, 4-point wheelchair securing devices, wireless communication and first aid resources. All of our vehicles are on scheduled maintenance programs, subject to yearly state inspection and certification. They're all buffed and shined and groomed with pride on a regular basis, top-to-bottom, inside and out.

Care Cab is a Minnesota Medical Assistance provider and bills that agency directly. We're currently enrolled or a participating provider with Blue Cross, Medica, UCare, Minnesota Non-Emergency Transportation (MNET), and Health Partners. Visa and Mastercard are also accepted.

We offer specialized transportation for doctor's appointments, routine transfers, convalescent, therapy sessions, dialysis, hospitals, nursing homes, out-of-town travel and special events.

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Specialized Transportation for:

Doctors Appointments
Routine Transfers
Special Events
Out of Town Travel
Therapy Appointments
Nursing Homes
Wheelchair Service

Wheelchair Service
Our specialized vans make entry and exit easy for wheelchair passengers. We can even accommodate scooters and a wheelchair can be provided if needed for transport.

Ambulatory Service

Ambulatory Service
An option for mobile passengers who require more assistance, such as those with walkers or other assisting devices and for children or other passengers needing supervision.

Strecher Service

Stretcher Service
for non-emergency passengers who cannot sit upright in a wheelchair. These vehicles are designed to accept and secure our padded collapsible gurneys.