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With Care Cab,
you're handled with care.

The role of our experienced staff is to get you where you want to go, when you want to get there ... on time. They take a personal interest in every rider and they're available 24 hours a day to meet your specific needs. Ask about our competitive rates. Prices are quoted for one-way travel. We accept major credit cards for private pay billing. Our staff can also assist in determining your eligibility for Minnesota Medical Assistance which provides transportation at no charge to the passenger for medical appointments.

It's the extras that count ...

Care Cab drivers offer complete escort service for all our passengers. They're prepared to enter a residence or facility to assist with travel preparations, and to make sure the passenger is comfortably situated before transporting them safely to their destination. Upon arrival to the facility, the driver makes sure the passenger's presence is recognized, transfers any necessary paperwork, and stays until the appropriate personnel takes responsibility for the passenger's continued comfort and safety. At Care Cab, we believe this degree of service is crucial. We insist on providing this for every one of our clients, every time.

Care Cab drivers are also uniquely qualified and trained in specialized transportation. Following a rigorous background check and thorough screening process, prospective drivers must pass a physical examination, then go on to study with a state-certified instructor. Their schooling combines classroom and road experience that meets or exceeds all Minnesota guidelines for defensive driving, passenger assistance and first aid training.

Special people providing specialized care ...

From our drivers to our office staff, we care about your needs.

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Specialized Transportation for:

Doctors Appointments
Routine Transfers
Special Events
Out of Town Travel
Therapy Appointments
Nursing Homes
Wheelchair Service

Certified Drivers
All Care Cab drivers attend the MnDOT Certified Driver Training Program.

Ambulatory Service

Customer Service
Our friendly dispatchers make sure that the right vehicle is there when you need us.

Strecher Service

Maintenance Crew
Our team of mechanics ensures that all vehicles pass the Public Safety Certified Vehicle Inspection Program.